10BB M10 Mono PERC Cell

  • Electrical performance, appearance, EL 100% automatic inspection.
  • Long term efficiency, stability and excellent reliability.
  • High efficiency solar cell ensure high performance of the solar module and create maximum power output.
  • Stable electrical properties.
  • PERC technology is also available. 100% checked for reverse current and visual appearance.

Half Cell Advantage

XLA solar integrated global high quality solar cells, with a 99.5% yield rate, equipped with high efficiency modular automatic production line, 100% to maintain the high standard of the solar cell quality.

One whole cell is cut into two half pieces. Half cell modules have better performance in partial shadow condition. The power loss in half cell solar panels is less than that in whole solar cell panel, since the bypass diodes restrict the loss of power. The bypass diodes creates a substitute path for the current to travel in the unshaded area instead of passing through the shaded parts.

10BB M10 Mono PERC Cell
Maximun Power(Pmax) 7.40 7.43 7.46 7.49 7.53 7.56 7.59 7.63 7.66 7.69
Maximum Output Voltage(Vmpp) 0.582 0.584 0.585 0.586 0.587 0.588 0.589 0.59 0.591 0.592
Maximum Output Current(Impp) 12.709 12.729 12.755 12.785 12.819 12.85 12.888 12.924 12.965 12.998
Open Circuit Voltage-Voc[V] (Voc) 0.683 0.684 0.686 0.687 0.688 0.689 0.690 0.691 0.692 0.693
Short Circuit Current-Isc[A] (Isc) 13.534 13.541 13.548 13.554 13.560 13.568 13.577 13.584 13.593 13.602
Effciency  (%) 22.40% 22.50% 22.60% 22.70% 22.80% 22.90% 23.00% 23.10% 23.20% 23.30%
FF(%) 80.03% 80.16% 80.26% 80.45% 80.64% 80.85% 81.05% 81.26% 81.49% 81.72%
Size 182×182mm
Thickness 175±17.5um
Number of Bus bar 10
Width of bus bar 0.06±0.03mm
Material sliver
Antireflection film silicon nitride
With of electrode 1.2± 0.3mm
Material sliver


Most frequent questions and answers
  • solar photovoltaic (PV) panels are made up of many layers of semi-conducting materials, (ours are made of silicon)
  • the panels absorb the suns rays and create a flow of electricity
  • the electricity is then passed through an inverter, this changes the direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC)
  • this electricity can then be used to power your household appliances, charge your battery, or be exported to the grid
  • Solar panels require daylight to work, not direct sunlight. This means even during cloudy days, your panels will still work.
  • It depends how much of your roof is shaded. Panels are installed in “strings” – they are all connected to each other. If there is shading, it can affect the perfomance of the other panels, not just the one that is shaded. If there is shading, we can install the panels in areas that aren’t shaded and install microinverters – these are individual inverters on each panel, connecting to a central unit.

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